Wat Lao Buddhovath and New Year Festival 2554.

By Laopost.net 04/18/2011


   This weekend we had a change to attend the annual Wat Lao Buddhovath New Year and Festival of 2554, in Rhode Island. We had a great time eating the food and meeting old friends at the many food stands throughout the festival. The sits, sound and smell of the festival made us feel like we were at our native home land of Laos again.

   The Smallest State in the United States is the State of Rhode Island. It measures only 1045 square miles. Also known as “The Ocean State”, because of its ties to naval history, and the fact that not a single part of the state lies more than 30 miles from salt water, Rhode Island holds a Lao community with a bright future.

   The Lao community and Wat Lao Buddhovath understand that getting their younger generation of Lao men and women involved in their community is the key to preserving their future in Rhode Island. This is reflected in this past weekend’s festival and seeing many young volunteers helping in the event. The festival was well planned with the help of organizations such as the Lao Culture Center (LCC), which I had the pleasure of meeting their members, and many others in their community. The Lao community and Wat Lao Buddhovath are dedicated to preserving their Lao culture by incorporation the younger generation to participate in all aspects of the event. Rhode Island should be proud of their community and I know their future will be bright. See some of the pictures we took of Wat Lao Buddhovath and in the festival below.