The Lao America Dream.

By 02/12/2011

   A dollar, a dream and the will to succeed. Most people heard of this before. Possibly from a convincing motivational speaker trying to sell some unauthentic gimmick or from sarcastic friend being humorous. But sometimes, if you truly believe success is destined for you and life's meandering path happens for a reason, this Lao American Dream can be you.

   At the age of 14 years old, Nary Manivong found himself abandoned by his parents. With no where to go, he found himself sleeping outside a donut store in Columbus Ohio and for the first time in his life, he realized that he was homeless. This is a very inspiring store for all young Lao people about a individual who has everything stacked up against him, but have the courage and the hope to keep moving forward in his life. The movie “Dressed”, in selected theaters now, documents the struggles of his life to make it in a very competitive business of fashion design it New York City. Nary should inspire all of us who has hopes and dreams and to follow them regardless of how large the bumps that life puts in front of us. To follow Nary Maoivong and to find more information about his movie, go to facebook and type “Dressed”.