LLC is an internet base website providing a hub for news, information and services for Lao communities throughout the Northeast region of United States. Our goal is to better connect Lao communities together.

   As young Lao Americans, we feel obligated to help all generations be more connected to our culture.

   News and information we provide are events happening within our communities. LLC also provides information about the  country of Laos, our heritage and traditions that we feel are so important to our culture. Extensions of are our many services we offer to our communities. Being young Lao Americans, we understand the importance of providing easy access services to  our communities. Our focus is to help and service our communities to better succeed.

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Note: LLC is a family oriented website. When posting information or blogs on this website, we try to be thoughtful of others reading. We do not use inappropriate language or pictures. Our blogs are entertaining and  informative writing of our opinion and is not meant to affend anyone or any group of people. We are not professional writers, so we apologies for and mistakes posted on this site.