Alexandra Concert.

​By Laopost​.net 11/20/2011

   You can call it a comeback. Since she was 17 years old, Alexandra Bounxouei has been in the spotlight singing her new age Lao pop songs that most Lao people never imagined they would hear. A more mature and seductive pop singer, she’s back again in the spotlight, touring the States with her new single called “My Radio”. Alexandra is now back rejuvenated and making a name for herself once more.

   Many argue that Alexandra is the pioneer of new age Lao pop music and I will have to agree, but I can say with confidence she is the most accomplished Lao entertainer ever to come out of Laos. What makes here different from other Lao entertainers is that she has the star power to influence and inspire all Lao people alike. Young Lao people want to emulate her for her refreshing Lao pop music and non-traditional style. Older Lao people are proud that she embraces and respects Lao identity and culture. Her iconic stature in Laos allows her to take full advantage of working as a representative for many charitable and non-charitable organizations throughout her career. Since completing her collage education in Japan, with a Master Degree in Media Design, Alexandra since recorded her new single. Video clips of the song can be seen on YouTube and with the full version release soon to come, hard core fans won’t need to wait long.

​   Much to the delight of her American fan base, this pass month she has been touring and performing in multiple cities around United States. Her tour started in California and then moved east to Connecticut.  I and many of her waiting fans had the privilege of seeing her live for the first time in Connecticut, and I got to tell you, she is still the pop princes that we all admired when we first saw her at the age of 17. Now seeing her in person, I feel that her maturity, natural sex appeal and god given talent will help her continue her success in Lao music and entertainment for many years to come. Good luck in whatever you do Alexandra. We are proud that you are Lao. Always be humble and never forget where you came from.

See below video of Alexandra’s new single performed at her Connecticut concert brought to you by