Baitaung Channgam Concert.

By 01/28/2011

   Baitaung Channgam a sensation luk thung / mor lum singer who came to blessed Ansonia, Connecticut with her sweet voice. Her songs tell stories about her heartache and hardship she went through with her life and a celebration of who she is today.

   She puts on a great performance and an outrageous outfit with a traditional touch. She danced like Shakira with a slower movement on the hips but her traditional fon was untraceable. She has a warm welcome smile and a down to earth attitude. She came down to interact with her fans while she performs which made the crowd feel special. That is a true super star. Her fans greeted her with their gifts, flowers and a lot of flashing. The hall was a little too big for the event due to the snow and day but her amazing sound warmed up the hollow space that kept the fans fon and dancing throughout the night. Due to a minimal crowd she still entertains us with all her energy. Her songs made you reminisced about the old country, riding the water buffalo in the rice farm, fishing for catfish and eating stick rice with beef jerky and jeow. Oh how I miss my country. Thanks Baitaung for bringing memories back to our beloved country Laos/ Thailand.   Special thanks to the promoters Lisa and Jenny.   Here is a clip of Mike Srenuanjan back stage interviewing Baitaung.