Lao American New Generation Inc (LANG)

By 05/23/14


    Living in New England, you can always count on the changing of the seasons. For me, Spring , Summer, Fall and yes, even Winter are joyful anticipations. Sometimes counting on  community organizations to have direction and think outside the box is unrealistic, but sometimes community organizations do indeed have direction. One such organization is right here in New England. The Lao American New Generation Inc, also known as LANG, is a nonprofit organization that is committed to the preservation of Lao heritage and unification of Lao Americans living in Connecticut.


    LANG was founded in 2012 by Connecticut Lao families. The organization's mission is to unit Lao American families in Connecticut; preserve Lao heritage; promote confidence and self-esteem in Lao youth; recognize and reward achievements in academic and community service; celebrate Lao traditions and enrich lives of young Lao American in the Greater Hartford Region.


    LANG offers to young Lao Americans programs that teach Lao language and Lao traditional dancing. Other programs offer by LANG include a reward and recognize program for Lao youth committed to the community and services; a scholarship program for students intending to enter colleges; and a cultural enrichment program.


    Throughout the year, LANG hosts many different events. One such event is call “Family Fun In The Sun”, which is a family soccer program, teaming parents against their children. Another events is an annual golf tournament to raise money for their academic scholarship program.


   LANG is an example of a good community nonprofit organization with family structure and meaningful direction. They have outstanding volunteers dedicated to help preserve a brighter future for young Lao Americans for generation to come. For more information about LANG visit or follow them on Facebook page "Lao American New Generation Inc."