Lao Women Making a Difference.

By 03/20/2011

   Women in all societies play a part, one way or another, in children’s development, but one group of Lao women in the states are trying to make a difference to help the development of less fortunate children with needs.

   In traditional Lao culture, women are the back bone of the family and carry the responsibility of cooking, cleaning and caring for the entire family. Outside the family structure, their role is limited to a male dominated society in which they live in. For many Lao women, finding time to get educated may not be an option. Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world. Many Lao women find themselves devoting their time to take care of the needs of a typical large family life, and with limited resources, most just can’t afford to get an education or see no relevance when their society limits their opportunities. But in the States, one group of devoted Lao women and their supporters are determined to give back and make a difference for our younger generation.

   A humanitarian charity non-profit organization formed in 2009, the Jai Lao foundation, mainly consisting  of Lao women living in the United States, volunteering their time and passionately striving to improve the quality of schools and education for the disadvantaged young children in Laos. The Foundation also endeavors to promote higher education for the children of Lao refugees living in the United States through the provision of scholarships and financial aid. Their vision is that the new Lao generation will excel in academics and become prominent Lao leaders in society and contribute to the world at large while staying connected to their Lao culture and heritage. They envision peaceful collaboration of all people of Lao heritage on a global scale.

  The hopes and visions of Jai Lao, for the less fortunate younger generation in Laos and here in the Unites States, should be a testament to all of us. These women are paving the way and showing us that educated and intelligent Lao women can make a difference for the people and the future of Laos for generations to come. For more information about Jai Lao and their accomplishments, go to