Monkan Kankoon Concert.

By 03/20/2011

If you are a fan of look-toong music and look-toong music is your thing, don’t miss Monkan Kankoon, the famous look-tong singer from Thai Esan. He is currently touring the states and making new fans all over the country.

For many, wherever you go, adapting to American culture means constantly being bombarded with pop, rock and hip-hop music. Most of the new Lao generation in the states, like me, feels a disconnection with look-toong music. I guess that comes with the territory. But music can change and shape our lives in many ways. I believe that music, and the type of music you listen to, is tied together to the human emotion which bonds our memories with pass experiences in our lives. Look-toong music is no differant. Look-toong is that one type of music which can give Lao people that connection. Emotionally and culturally, it helps people to connect with the past or makes new memories for the future.

Monkan Kankoon is undoubtedly the look-toong singer that can help connect you to music that you love or thought you never like. He has given the Lao fans the opportunity to enjoy look-toong music the way it should be enjoyed. He has an outstanding voice to compliment his deep meaningful songs. For a star that performed two shows in two nights, he always seemed very focused and determined to satisfy his fans. He was very warm and inviting to all his fans. And for the women, he’s not bad looking either. To be honest, I am not a fan of look-toong music, but Monkan Kankoon may have moved me to become one, or at least, he definitely moved me to become more Lao.  If he is touring in your area, make sure to see his performance. You never know, he might make a fan out of you too or maybe you’re already one.