A Rainbow Day.

​By Laopost​.net 04/06/2011


   It was a rainbow day in Connecticut. Tom Rainbow, the famous Thai/Lao singer, came to Connecticut for one of his world tour stops, performing his new Lao songs and also his old classic songs that made him famous.

   April 2nd was a special day for many in the Northeast, United States. A rainbow was seen and it put smiles on the faces of many Lao music fans, at least the ones that saw him. Yes, I am talking about Tom Rainbow, the singer. His famous song such as “Kaw Kae Kid Terng” and “Khwan Nai Chai” are great classics. To me, his songs are timeless and never seem to get old to listen to, but when performed live by THE MAN himself, priceless. His presence on stage demanded attention and it got it from his fans that came to see him. He preformed songs from his new world tour album, which were sung in pa-sa Lao, but when he sang “Kaw Kae Kid Terng” and “Khwan Nai Chai”, the audience went wild. Tom Rainbow never missed a beat. His voice is still amazing, and for his age, he still looked fantastic.

   The day before the concert, we had the opportunity to interview Tom Rainbow at his hotel. Being fans and meeting someone we admire for the first time, we didn’t know what to expect. We found out that he was very gracious, very nice and very friendly. Before the interview, he told us that he didn’t speak pa-sa Lao that well, but being the professional that he is, he told us he will do his best. With a smile, he took the time to answer all our questions regarding him and his world tour. Tom rainbow was just an amazing performer and an even better person. We saw a rainbow today and Tom Rainbow defiantly put a smile on my face and hopefully he can put a smile on yours too.

   You can see Tom Rainbow’s exclusive interview at the bottom of this page. For more information and future locations of his tour, go to www.thaiandlaosmusic.com or follow Tom Rainbow on Facebook. We would like to thank Tom Rainbow for the interview and also thank Nip Nachanpasak and Goong Sayabatha for making it happen.