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Wat Lao Ariyamettaram - Morris, CT.

By 01/19/2013


     In Laos there are temples tucked between mountans and valleys which make a unique setting reminding you that you are in Laos. These locations are beautiful and touch the inner spirit and sometimes may cause the soul to be at peace with its surroundings. Places like these are special. They hold meaning and remind you of where you are, who you are and where you came from as a person. One such place resides in the small town of Connecticut.

    Between the rolling hills and valleys of Morris Town-Connecticut, you can find Wat Lao Ariyamettaram. It is a place of spiritual worship and inner buddist teachings. It is a central location for many Lao-Americans living arms length within the state. The Wat is a hub for religious and community gatherings that is the key fabric to holding many of these communities together, but getting there may be an adventure.

    Driving to Wat Ariyamettaram reminds me of almost being is Laos. Isolated and basiclly in the middle of nowhere, the Wat's location gives you a sence of traveling to a mistic and beautiful place somewhere in Laos. To me, it feel like a special place still untouched by modern society or close to it anyways. The volenteers that help run the Wat and the communities that support it are peaceful, friendly and humble people. Like me, they love there communities. They love there culture and the traditions that are bonded to it. But most of all, they love being a Lao-American helping maintain their community's future.

    My suggestion to you is if you've never been to Wat Lao Ariyamettaram, make an effort to go. Make an effort to experiance a special place during paryer or community celebrations. Or, maybe just visiting this isolated place and you may find something that touches your inner spirituality and motivates you culturally.

For more information about Wat Lao Ariyamettaram, plaese contact at

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